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Veganism is more than abstaining from meat, dairy & all animal by-products. It encompasses your whole life, from deciding what toiletries you use, what make-up you put on, clothes & shoes you wear, detergents & cleaning products you use, obviously the food you eat, environmental & sustainable farming issues, social politics & your impact on the earth. Veganism has been increasing in popularity among the health conscious in recent years.

With veganism becoming increasingly mainstream, a growing number of Irish owned companies are supplying locally sourced, ethical vegan produce. Cafes & restaurants are making an effort to meet the demand. There are now more choices than ever and vegans can easily find a large variety of foods and supplements to meet their dietary requirements. We have plenty of food options & if you need advice on deficiencies, cruelty free products or even simple cooking tips, pop in & ask us.

We stock an extensive range of ethically sourced frozen and chilled vegan foods.
We carry the most popular vegan & veggie brands including Coyo, Nobo, Frys, Delphi, Violife, Clearspot, Sojade, Follow your Heart, The Cultured Food Co. True Goodness, Org Frozen and Wheatgrass.

We carry the most popular vegan brands including:

  • Coyo

  • Nobo

  • Frys

  • Violife

  • Clearspot

  • Sojade

  • Follow your Heart

Phone us on 043 667 7009 or email us to make an enquiry about any of our products.