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In an ideal world a well-balanced wholesome diet should provide all the nutrients needed to maintain health. However, surveys have shown that even in developed societies many people still are not reaching the levels required to prevent deficiency in a number of nutrients.
Often to save time we use processed foods, which are high in fats and low in vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are frequently cooked so that their nutrients are either destroyed or poured down the sink. With this in mind, our staff are available to give information about diet and supplements there is no better or safer place to buy them.
At Golden Health Store we stock a large selection of vitamins, minerals, herbs, food & dietary supplements. When combined with a balanced diet, dietary supplements can help energy & maintain health.

Our staff are highly trained and can advise you on diet & supplements.
We stock Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Yeast Free supplements & products which are ethically & environmentally friendly & cruelty free. We are proud to stock organic Irish brands in our store.

Many of our herbal supplements are traditional herbal remedies that have been in use, safely, for hundreds of years, in fact their benefits are only being rediscovered.
Take for example Turmeric, we know it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, but did you know it can help your skin?

For brighter, healthier skin and better circulation

Turmeric is great for better, healthier skin and skin healing
Good circulation to the skin allows nutrients to be delivered to our skin cells and waste products to be flushed away. With optimal circulation, our skin has all it needs to be healthy and can efficiently get rid of clogging, dullness-producing toxins.

Turmeric may support healthy blood flow and circulation to the skin. Curcuminoids in turmeric have been shown to help to keep our blood flowing more easily. In a clinical trial, giving a curcumin supplement to patients was found to increase their micro-circulation – the circulation to the smallest blood vessels such as those in the skin.

Turmeric may support healthy blood flow and circulation to the skin.

(article by Charlotte Dormon, June 20, 2016 TURMERIC: 5 ways it can make you gorgeous)

Only the highest quality and most popular dietary supplements are available in our store, brands such as:

  • Viridian

  • TerraNova

  • Oxylent

  • Nordic Naturals

  • Solgar

  • Nature’s Plus

  • Optibac

  • A. Vogel

  • Pukka

  • Eskimo

  • Udo’s Choice

  • Zincuflex

  • Weleda

  • Natures Aid

As well as supplements, we carry a variety of organic raw foods including cacao butter, powder & nibs, lacuma powder, wheatgrass, spirulina, coconut palm sugar, xylitol and much more.

We have a full range of cleaning products and cosmetics that are ethically sourced and Eco-friendly.

We supply products from The Cultured Food Company, Co. Cork an Irish company producing hand crafted raw fermented Kimchi & Sauerkraut.

We are happy to stock a range of healthy raw chocolate and snacks from Waterford made Six Pack Snacks to Viviani & Vego.

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