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As outlined in this video, a Zurich based study has confirmed our long held position that food adjectives and nanoparticles are not suitable for human consummation.
The referenced study concerned itself with the nanoparticle: titanium dioxide.
Titanium dioxide – commonly labeled on food packaging as the compound E171 – is a food coloring ingredient found in icing, chewing gum, coffee whitener, ice lollies, and biscuits. The compound is also used in paint and in medical tablets and capsules to ensure a uniformly white colour.
For years the debate had raged about the possible departmental effects of titanium dioxide on human health. The Zurich study recommended that people suffering from bowel disorders like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis should avoid foods containing the compound.
The study uncovered evidence which suggested that nanoparticles in food could intensify inflammation in patients who suffer from inflammatory intestinal diseases.
Customers can rest assured that at Golden Health Store, all our organic, whole food is free of potentially nasty nanoparticles like titanium dioxide. Our food is supplied as nature intended and is bursting with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.